2016 ClassicMXRider.com Pre-68 Championship – Round 2

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Words by Michael Eustace , Photos by Eric Miles and Alan Graves

AARON Graves and Mitchell Harris shared the spoils at round 2 of the Pre-68 Championship hosted by the Northampton Classic Club at Sproxton on Sunday.

A healthy amount of rain the night before kept dust down to almost non-existent levels, and the sun shone down on the twisty, natural rolling Leicestershire-based circuit, creating near perfect race conditions for the club’s inaugural hosting of the Pre-68 Championship.

Sproxton Classic Motocross startline

L-R: Sam Appleton (441 BSA Metisse), Nick Archer (500 BSA), Glenn Davey (250 CZ) and Gene Womack (545 Jawa Metisse) roar away from the start line in race 1. Photo by Eric Miles

In race one, Graves (750cc Triumph Metisse) took the holshot, followed closely by Red Marley Hill Climb 350cc class runner-up Mitchell Harris (500 BSA), and Gene Womack (545 Jawa Metisse). By the end of lap one, the positions remained, with Matt McCulloch (360 CZ), Nick Archer (500 BSA) and Glenn Davey (250 CZ) rounding out the top-six.

By lap three, Davey was ringing the proverbial neck of the 250 in pursuit of Womack, having passed McCulloch and Archer to take up fourth position.

Chris Collins 350cc BSA

Chris Collins, seen here aboard his 350cc BSA, had three consistent top-6 finishes riding his 500cc equivalent. Photo by Eric Miles

On the final lap, Graves’ consistent ride awarded the current series champion with his first win of 2017. Harris, however, had retired with machine issues, leaving Womack to take second place – Davey a close third.

Race 2 saw Graves fail to make the start-line, after the Interspan ignition on his Metisse had run out of charge in the previous race – Archer suffering the same fate for similar reasons. This left the door open to the rest of the pack, and Harris took the bull-by-the-horns, occupying the lead by the end of lap one, with Womack in second place.

Colin Hutton and Nick Archer

Battle for 6th-place: #62 Colin Hutton (360 CZ) keeps #115 Nick Archer (500 BSA), Matt McCulloch (360 CZ) and (hidden right) Sam Appleton (441 BSA Metisse) at bay during race 2. Photo by Alan Graves

By the penultimate lap, Davey, in third, and Chris Collins (500 BSA), were both charging after the leaders. This time, Davey managed to pass Womack and pushed on to catch Harris, leaving Collins to battle with Womack.

By the final lap, Davey had caught Harris, who appeared to shut off moments before the finish line, almost unaware of Davey’s presence. That said, Harris took the win – just – with Womack a consistent third, Collins in fourth.

Pat Aldridge (441 BSA Metisse)

72-year-old Pat Aldridge (441 BSA Metisse) leads Paul Grudgington during race 2 in the battle for 10th position. Photo by Alan Graves

In race three, it was Womack who got off to a quick start, followed by Graves, Collins and Trevor Eadon (441 BSA). Davey made all of three corners until this chain parted company with the rear sprocket of his CZ. McCulloch suffered machine issues too.

Graves took the lead by lap two, with Womack and second and Collins third. Sam Appleton (441 BSA Metisse) overtook Eadon to move up to fourth, followed closely by Archer.Further down the field, Harris was in seventh followed by Robert Twigg (500 BSA), and a close battle for ninth was ensuing between Colin Hutton (360 CZ) and Paul Crudgington (500 BSA).

Gene Womack and Aaron Graves

Metisse battle: Gene Womack (545 Jawa Metisse) presses on ahead of Aaron Graves (750 Triumph Metisse) during race 3, lap 1. Photo by Alan Graves

On the final lap, Graves brought the big Metisse home to a second victory, with Womack in second and Collins third. Appleton had held on to fourth with Archer a close fifth. Davey and McCulloch limped home to salvage some points.

This meant Womack took the overall win, and he now leads the championship with 117 points, 2 points ahead of Graves in second, McCulloch sits in third on 97 points, Davey a close fourth on 96.

Mitch Harris motocross

Mitch Harris (350 BSA) leads Greg Speed (350 BSA), Glenn Davey (250 CZ) and Chris Collins (350 BSA) in an Upto 350cc class. Harris capitalized on Graves’ absence from the second Pre-68 Championship race (aboard his 500cc BSA), and took a convincing win. Photo by Alan Graves

  • Thanks to the Northampton Classic Club for organising another great event and for hosting the Pre-68 Championship for the first time
  • The next round of the ClassicMXRider.com Pre-68 Championship will be at Maylandsea, Essex, hosted by the Pre-65 Motocross Club on Sunday 17th April 2016. See the full classic scrambles fixture calendar


Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
1 Aaron Graves Mitchell Harris Aaron Graves
2 Gene Womack Glenn Davey Gene Womack
3 Glenn Davey Gene Womack Chris Collins
4 Nick Archer Chris Collins Sam Appleton
5 Matt McCulloch Matt McCulloch Nick Archer
6 Chris Collins Robert Twigg Trevor Eadon
7 Sam Appleton Sam Appleton Mitchell Harris
8 Trevor Eadon Paul Crudgington Robert Twigg
9 Paul Crudgington Colin Hutton Colin Hutton
10 Colin Hutton Trevor Eadon Paul Crudgington
11 Adam Paxton Daniel Womack Greg Speed
12 Pat Aldridge Pat Aldridge John Cash
13 Daniel Womack Peter Jerred Pat Aldridge
14 Bob Clarke Bob Clarke Daniel Womack
15 Peter Jerred Peter Jerred
16 Robert Twigg Matt McCulloch
17 Glenn Davey

Championship points after round 2 @ Sproxton

Rider No Rider R1 R2 Total
1 654 Gene Womack 54 64 118
2 188 Aaron Graves 66 50 116
3 640 Matt McCulloch 54 43 97
4 202 Glenn Davey 48 48 96
5 115 Nick Archer 54 37 91
6 315 Paul Crudgington 41 42 83
7 84 Sam Appleton 31 51 82
8 62 Colin Hutton 40 41 81
9 177 Nick Carter 75 0 75
10 364 Pat Aldridge 40 32 72
11 192 Chris Collins 0 56 56
12 651 Will Bateup 50 0 50
13 137 Trevor Eadon 0 45 45
14 232 Mitchell Harris 0 41 41
15 523 Robert Twigg 0 39 39
16 407 Daniel Womack 0 31 31
17 34 Peter Jerred 0 26 26
18 65 John Bateup 15 0 15
19 124 Kevin Wilmer 12 0 12
20 4 Adam Paxton 0 12 12
21 99 Greg Speed 0 12 12
22 76 John Cash 0 11 11
23 505 Kim Barker 10 0 10
24 702 Harry Varndell 9 0 9
25 69 Bob Clarke 7 0 7
26 49 Andy Abraham 6 0 6
27 423 Phil Crowfoot 5 0 5
28 539 Alan Southgate 4 0 4

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