Pre-68 Championship – Round 6

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Words by Michael Eustace , Photos by Chris Carter and Matt Barker

Ricky Roper made a return aboard his late father’s 500 Triumph Metisse to take two wins in round 6 of the Pre-68 Championship at Gosfield.

Start of the Pre-68 Championship race 1 at Gosfield

From left: Paul Crudgington (500 BSA), Ricky Roper (500 Triumph Metisse), Greg Speed (350 BSA), Aaron Graves (500 BSA) and Sam Appleton (441 BSA Metisse) launch from the start-line of the third championship race. Photo by Chris Carter

The 33-year-old dominated the second and third championship races at the event, however, Aaron Graves took a win in the first race, his first since taking a win at the same event last year.

Gene Womack at Gosfield Motocross track

Gene Womack leads race 1 ahead of Adrian Coppen and Aaron Graves. Photo by Matt Barker

In race 1, it was series newcomer Adrian Coppen (500 BSA), who took the holshot, with Sam Heitman (500 Boretech Metisse) and Gene Womack (545 Jawa Metisse) in close company. By the end of lap one, it was Womack who lead, followed by Coppen, Heitman and Sam Appleton (441 BSA Metisse) in fourth.

Aaron Graves at Gosfield Motocross track

Aaron Graves scored his first win of the season. Coupled with third and second-place finishes, he now leads the championship. Photo by Matt Barker

By lap three, Aaron Graves (500 BSA) had moved up from eighth to fourth, and Womack was beginning to build a commanding lead over Coppen.

Sam Appleton’s onboard footage from race one.

On the penultimate lap, however, disaster struck for Womack as  his rear tyre gained a puncture, leaving Graves, who had moved up to second, to take the lead and the win, with Coppen in second and 2013 series champion, Heitman, in third.

Race 2 saw Roper storm off the start line, taking the holeshot. Womack was determined to make up for the bad luck he experienced in race one, and although Roper began to take a commanding lead, Womack was able to keep Nick Archer (500 BSA) and Greg Speed (350 BSA) at bay.

Greg Speed at Gosfield Motocross track

19-year-old Greg Speed rode well aboard his 350 BSA, finishing ninth, sixth and fifth to record his best over finish yet. Photo by Matt Barker

At the end of the second lap, Graves had moved up to third and was chasing Womack hard into the penultimate lap. Womack kept his cool and took second place behind Roper, with Archer in fourth and Coppen fifth and the ever-improving Greg Speed in sixth.

Nick Archer at Gosfield Motocross track

Series-regular Nick Archer had two top-four finishes. Photo by Matt Barker

Roper continued his dominance in race three, exiting the first corner in the lead. This time, Graves had made a good start and nipped it up the inside of Nick Archer to take second place. Behind Archer was Womack, that was until the two had a coming-together on lap two near the entrance to the wooded section of the circuit. Archer continued unscathed, however Womack was dead last after rejoining the race.

Ricky Roper’s onboard footage from race 3.

By lap four, 19-year-old Speed had overtaken Appleton to move up to fourth position, but Coppen was hot on his hills.

Nick Archer at Gosfield Motocross track

The 2013 series champion, Sam Heitman, made a welcomed come-back to the championship after recovering from a broken ankle sustained in the first round of the series this year. Photo by Matt Barker

At the end of the final lap, Roper had crossed the line with a commanding lead over Graves, followed by Archer and Coppen, who overtook speed with four corners to go.

Aaron Graves now leads the championship with three rounds remaining. Womack sits in second, 28 points behind Graves, with James Newstead slipping to third. Head to the championship points page for the latest points standings.


Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
1 Aaron Graves Richard Roper Richard Roper
2 Adrian Coppen Gene Womack Aaron Graves
3 Sam Heitman Aaron Graves Nick Archer
4 Stephen Ross Nick Archer Adrian Coppen
5 Richard Roper Adrian Coppen Greg Speed
6 Gene Womack Greg Speed Sam Appleton
7 Sam Appleton Stephen Ross Les Robinson
8 John Bateup Sam Heitman Paul Crudgington
9 Greg Speed Sam Appleton Graham Mays
10 Dave Holt Paul Crudgington Carl Walker
11 Nick Archer Daniel Womack Luke Womack
12 Paul Crudgington Phil Crowfoot Daniel Womack
13 Bob Clarke Graham Mays Bob Clarke
14 Phil Crowfoot Carl Walker Gene Womack
15 Luke Womack Dave Holt
16 Tucker Dow Luke Womack
17 Alan Lythgoe Alan Lythgoe
18 Vince Grudgington Tucker Dow
19 Carl Walker

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